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acer laptop screen replacement abu dhabi


Acer Laptop Screen Replacement | Acer Laptop Battery Replacement | Acer Laptop Charger Adapter Replacement

We repair Acer Laptop that has Power issue | Water Damage | Keyboard Issues | Charging Issues | Broken or Damaged Hinge | Track Pad Problem | Network, WiFi & Connectivity Problem | USB and HDMI Issues


We offer the best and reliable Acer Laptop Repair Service in AbuDhabi. 

Call Us: 02 6210 929, 055 155 3877. 055 155 3977


We diagnose and troubleshoot all problems of Acer Laptop

Acer Laptop Display Repair and Screen Replacement

acer laptop display repair and screen replacemet abu dhabi

Your Acer Laptop has no display or screen is broken, we fix  and replace Acer Laptop Screen at very affordable price in town no matter which model it is.

Acer Laptop Power or Charging Issue

acer laptop power issue repair in abu dhabi

Is your Acer Laptop has no power or experiencing power issues? We fix all models of Acer Laptop that has no power or having power issues.  We even make the dead laptop work again.

Acer Laptop Graphic Issues Fixing

acer laptop graphic issue repair in abu dhabi

Is your Acer Laptop turn off while playing videos or is it overheating while playing videos or games? It might be having graphic issues.  We fix Acer Laptop that has graphic issues

Acer Laptop Keyboard Repair & Replacement

acer laptop keyboard repair and replacement abu dhabi

We repair or replace faulty keyboard of Acer Laptops at best and affordable price

Acer Laptop Charging Issue Fixing | Charger Replacement

acer laptop chrging issue an charger replacement abu dhabi

Is your Acer Laptop Charger is not working?  A faulty adapter can damage your Laptop.  A quick replacement of Charger adapter will resolve the most charging issues.  At GVC Laptop Repair Center, you can get your Acer Laptop Charger adapter replaced at very best price.

Acer Laptop Audio Issues Fixing

acer laptop audio issue fixing in abu dhabi

Your Acer Laptop has no sound or having audio issues or you cannot hear any sound when you play music or video?  The problem may be with the audio jack, speaker or sometimes with the hardware or software.  We can diagnose and fix audio issues of Acer Laptops

Acer Laptop Faulty Battery | Battery Replacement

acer laptop battery issue and battery replacement abu dhabi

If your Acer Laptop is having a weak battery, it is better to get it replaced as quickly as possible.  A weak battery can damage your computer and sometimes it can even damage your entire data.  Ask for a diagnosis of the issue with GVC and we will advice you what solution best suits for you.  Replacement of Acer Laptop battery is easy and affordable at GVC Abu Dhabi

Acer Laptop Broken Hinges Repair

acer laptop broken hinge finxing in abu dhabi

Acer Laptop with broken or damaged hinge can damage its screen, keyboard or other components.  At GVC, you can get the broken hinge fixed at very affordable price.

Acer Laptop WiFi & Network Connectivity Issues Fixing

acer laptop wifi ad network issue fixing abu dhabi

We fix Acer Laptops that has USB, HDMI, Network, Bluetooth Connectivity issues.  Just send your laptop to our service center for a quick and free diagnosis.  We will fix any connectivity problem in just few minutes

Acer Laptop Hardware & Software Issues Fixing

acer laptop hardware and software issue fixing in abu dhabi

Is your Acer Laptop is having software or any kind of hardware issues? Or is there any issue with Windows Operating System? We fix the Acer Laptop Software issues or we upgrade Operating System if required. We have all the solution for your Acer Laptop hardware and software issues

Acer Laptop Faulty Mouse or Track Pad Issues Repairing

acer laptop mouse and track pad issue fixing in abu dhabi

Do you experience lag when you scroll your mouse or when you press the track pad button?  Then your Acer Laptop Track Pad is having issues and need to be fixed or replaced.  Just give us a quick call for diagnosing and fixing. We will do all the necessary from picking up your Acer Laptop from you home or office and delivering it back to you once repaired.

Virus, Malware and Spyware Removal

acer laptop virus and spyware removal abu dhabi

Is your Acer Laptop crashed after a virus infection? or is it dead after water, coffee or any kind of liquid spill?  Don't worry!!  We cam fix your Acer Laptop whether it is crashed or dead.  Please give us a call on 02 6210929 or 055 155 3877 or feel free to email us at  You can expect a quick response from us. 

Is your Acer Laptop infected with Viruses, Malware or Spyware?  Do you experience sudden slow down in the regular functioning of your Acer laptop?  Is your Ace Laptop Crashed after a virus, malware or spyware attack?  We can diagnose and fix all the issues from Virus Scanning, Virus, Malware or Spyware Removal and return back to you in a perfect condition.

Crashed Acer Laptop or Dead after Water or Liquid Spill

dead acer laptop or liquid spill repair abu dhabi

Acer Laptop Upgrade

acer latop upgrade abu dhabi

Is your Acer Laptop running slow and you are frustrated with it's performance?  Well, there is a solution!!  You can upgrade it's RAM, Hard Disk and even the Operating System and get it running as good as brand new.  We provide different upgrade options such as higher RAM, High Capacity HDD or SSD at very reasonable and affordable price depending on the model and specification of your Acer Laptop.

WHAT OUR CUSTOMER SAY (Source: Google Reviews)


Highly recommended place for getting almost any of your tech issues repaired in prompt and professional manner. These guys were not only welcoming and friendly but they did a stellar job in getting my laptop hardware issues repaired within a few hours and the price is not high either. The quickness and quality of the service they provide is worth every penny and I look forward to consult them for repair of my mobile phone and other electronics items as well. Thank you Green Valley folks and keep up the great work.


—  Suhan, Abu Dhabi

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1012 Zayed The First Street (Electra Street), Ground Floor

Behind National Cinema

Near Karachi City Restaurant

Al Danah, E-10, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Tel: 02-6210929

Mobile: 055-155 3877,  055-155 3977

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